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Helping To Keep You Safe

SteriStik have partnered up with leading experts SteriTouch to provide a solution for businesses working in a safer environment where the spread of bacteria and germs is eradicated by our antiviral and antimicrobial film covers.

The silver ion technology used to kill Coronaviruses and bacteria, has been around, trialled and tested, over the past 18 years so gives us and our customers confidence in the product.

Silver ions used in SteriStik are also used in other familiar products to eradicate viruses and bacteria as well as the spread of germs, for hygiene and safety purposes such as:

  • Hospitals - keyboards, operating theatres

  • Babies - feeding bottles, highchair trays

  • Hotels - TV remotes

  • Fitness - changing room mats, gym water bottles

  • Technology - earphones, tablet cases


SteriStik founder, Neil Southgate, has a 25 year background within manufacturing, and his experience working within different sectors such as hospitality, offices, schools and enterprises, means he has a good understanding of what different businesses need to provide a safe workplace and confidence to their employees and customers.

SteriStik can be used anywhere within your workplace that are high touch areas such as doors, tables, bathroom surfaces and kitchen worktops.  Our antimicrobial covers kill bacteria upon touch, and in turn prevent the spread of germs between multiple people.

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