SteriStik Antimicrobial

What is the purpose of making a surface antimicrobial?

SteriStik silver ion additives kills bacteria which cause contamination and infection and prevents the spread of germs.

The purpose of SteriStik is not to create a sterile environment but a more hygienic solution around your workplace.  We all know that being exposed to certain types of bacteria builds a healthy immune system, however, bacterial infections such as SARS or MRSA can be very serious and SteriStik Antimicrobial covers act as a complementary measure to routine cleaning.


does SteriStik antimicrobial kill Coronavirus?

No our antimicrobial surface cover purely targets and kills 99.9% of bacteria including MRSA, Salmonella and SARS.  For those looking for a stronger protector to kill both coronavirus and bacteria then SteriStik Antiviral is your ideal solution.

What can we do to best protect ourselves?

Whilst using SteriStik Antimicrobial will add protection to your surfaces and prevent the spread of germs between your customers, staff and visitors, we do also advise you to regularly clean your SteriStik covered surfaces with an antibacterial spray and a non-abrasive cloth.  Regular and thorough hand washing, coupled with the use of sanitising products such as alcohol gels, whilst having SteriStik Antimicrobial applied to your surfaces is probably the best approach to minimising risk of bacterial infection. Current advice can be found on the websites of CDC (Centres for Disease Control), NHS, Public Health England and WHO (World Health organisation).

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