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Commercial Property & Real Estate Management

SteriStik is an exciting Health & Safety development for the world of Commercial Property Management. Whether your business is a Commercial Property, Real Estate Agent or Landlord, or an owner-occupier of Commercial Property, you will constantly be looking for innovative, cost-effective products and solutions for shared space and tenants' offices in your buildings.

Corporate Headquarters & Commercial Office Space

Certain property leasing agreements will require tenants to make arrangements for all Health & Safety matters via an in-house Facilities Management team, or perhaps the occupier procures specialist, onsite Facilities Management services from a third party. Whatever the arrangement in place, we would be delighted to discuss the benefits and potential applications of SteriStik in your environment.

how does it work?

SteriStik is embedded with silver ionic additives which are released continuously within the material to kill bacteria and eradicate germs within your workplace. The silver ions attach themselves to the DNA of the bacteria and suffocate it to prevent it from multiplying, or living. This in turn prevents employees and visitors from contaminating areas and creates a more hygienic working environment, giving everyone confidence when returning to your workplaces.

The product has been extensively tested and proven to be 99.9% effective on bacteria. As a proactive 24/7 cleaning process it provides extra peace of mind and security for all.


"The average desktop harbours 20,961 germs per square inch.  Recent research revealed that more than two thirds of office workers are at risk of sickness due to dirty desks."




what are the benefits?

We know that over 80% of infections are transmitted by hands so SteriStik provides you with antimicrobial benefits to kill bacteria. The main benefits of using our film covers around your offices are:

  • Proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria (inc. MRSA, E.Coli & Salmonella)

  • Proactive 24/7 cleaning process

  • No harmful chemicals used

  • Improves hygiene whilst reducing staff sickness

  • Robust material

  • Easy to install (but have a fitting team available)

  • Bespoke branding & colours available

  • Reduces the spread of germs and bacteria

  • Studies have found using antimicrobial products reduces staff sick days

where to use steristik in commercial office space

Our film covers are easy to apply to any surface and beneficial on all high touch surfaces which everyone uses throughout the day. To help you in advance here are some areas for you to consider:

  • Desks

  • Reception Desks

  • Doors

  • Staff Breakout Areas

  • Boardrooms / Meeting Rooms

  • Vending Machines

  • Stair Rails

  • Chair Arms

  • Bathroom Surfaces

  • Lift Panels

  • Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen area.png

branding & bespoke options​

Our covers are made of a polypropylene material which come in white or clear material with the SteriStik logo applied throughout.

Our bespoke branding option gives you the opportunity to use your company logo on the film covers to enhance your brand around your business. This includes choice of colours, layout and design. Speak with our team today for more information.

How to install steristik​

Due to their self-adhesive properties you can either self-install our products (our guidelines include written instructions, YouTube clips & video call support), or you can use our installation team who work flexibly around your business needs and can install 24/7.

Next Steps

If you know where you plan to apply SteriStik products and the quantities you require please choose “Find a Supplier” below. 


If however you have further questions or would like to discuss in detail how SteriStik can benefit your business please choose “Contact Us” and we will be in touch very soon.

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