Cost-effective, self-adhesive, antiviral & antimicrobial surface covers for all work & leisure environments

SteriStik antiviral and antimicrobial surface covers are ideal for sticking to any high touch surface within your workplace to proactively kill viruses and bacteria to prevent the spread of germs between customers and staff coming into contact with the same surfaces throughout the day.

Our self-adhesive covers are made with all business sectors in mind to add a level of protection for safety measures and provide peace of mind to you and your staff.




What surfaces can I cover with SteriStik?

The most common surfaces to apply our antimicrobial covers to are work desks to ensure a safer workplace.  Recent studies show that over 20,000 germs exist per square inch on an average work desk – that’s 400 times more than on a toilet seat. Using SteriStik will kill bacteria the second the antibacterial covers adheres to the desk, giving instant hygiene benefits, creating a safer workplace.

Other areas where you may consider using our antimicrobial covers are:

  • Break out areas (kitchen surfaces)

  • Tea points

  • Lift panels

  • Door handles

  • Bathroom doors

  • Bannisters

  • Operator chair arms

Again by the antimicrobial covers being visible, this will show your staff the areas that have had extra protection applied to them, giving them more confidence and safety whilst in the workplace.

The main benefit of our antimicrobial film covers is to offer continuous and permanent protection to kill bacteria which can cause contamination, odours and degradation.  SteriStik has sterile silver ion additives that are added to the antibacterial covers which eradicate the bacteria.  By stopping any bacteria existing on the covered areas, this denies bacteria to reproduce, therefore inhibiting any spread of infection. This ultimately will give you and your staff members that confidence to return to work, in a safer workplace.

Antimicrobial Covers

SteriStik manufacture an antimicrobial self-adhesive film, used to cover high touch surfaces within the workplace, which has antibacterial properties to restrict the growth of microbes.  This includes desks, door handles, stair bannister’s, lift panels, and large work surfaces in communal spaces such as break out areas and printer stations to create a safer environment.


SteriTouch technology, used in SteriStik antimicrobial film, has been around for 18 years

Why Choose Us?

prevent spread of viruses & bacteria
safer workplace
return to
ease of
competitive prices
SteriStik provides instant
antibacterial benefits the second it is fitted onto any surface, preventing the spread of bacteria, and creating a safer workplace
The added protection from your surfaces being covered with our antibacterial covers will ensure a safer and more hygienic workplace for your return to work
We offer an efficient fitting service to ensure minimum disruption and leave a professional finish on all of your surfaces with lasting results
We cater for all businesses and offer numerous packages for every business size, to suit all budgets.  From single roll purchases to 100's of desk fittings - we offer it all
in partnership with leading antimicrobial experts
SteriTouch is a registered trademark of Radical Materials Ltd

The Science

SteriStik uses antimicrobial additives which kills bacteria that causes contamination and infection.

The SteriStik treated antimicrobial covers continuously release silver ions which kills bacteria by destabilising cell membranes, preventing respiration and inhibiting cell division.


SteriStik has been tested by an independent laboratory, demonstrating efficacy against bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli.

Laboratory tests have been carried out to ensure our SteriStik antibacterial covers are 100% effective and provide 100% customer satisfaction.


All active components are completely safe to your health and 100% effective to use within your safer workplace.

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Surface Covers

The SteriStik antibmicrobial covers are a polypropylene material which comes in a standard white or clear material covered in the SteriStik logo to ensure they are highly visible within your workplace.

When covering a desk, the film clearly shows that a workstation is available to be utilised and that it is safe through the use of the antibacterial additives, which kills bacteria, giving your staff the confidence to return to a safer workplace.

We do also offer bespoke material covers for those wishing to match their office decor, just speak with our team about your colour options.

antibacterial covers

"I would highly recommend SteriStik.  I have already had fantastic feedback from my staff and clients alike.  It's very easy to clean and has the added benefit of protecting the surface it is on, and of course my customers and staff" 

David Beasley - Menace Male Grooming

SteriStik vs Coronavirus

People ask if our antimicrobial covers will kill Coronavirus and in short, the answer is unfortunately no.  At the moment there is no cure against Coronavirus and that is the same with our product.  Our antibacterial covers are not a cure, however they do prevent the growth of bacteria in order to add an extra level of protection.

Coronavirus is an enveloped virus, so called because of its fatty outer membrane or ‘envelope’. Several of the active substances used in our product has been successfully tested against other enveloped viruses, such as E-COli, Avian flu and SARS.

how to best protect yourself at work

Coronavirus is transmitted in the same way as other viruses, which is through respiratory droplets. These droplets might be inhaled or ingested, through hand to mouth contact which is why hand hygiene is of paramount importance to prevent catching and spreading the virus. Using our antimicrobial surface covers is a great way to add to this protection, minimising risk of infection and spread of bacteria within your workplace.

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