The Ins And Outs of How SteriStik Works

Frequently asked questions

What is SteriStik?

SteriStik covers are cost-effective, flexible, self-adhesive covers which have antiviral and/or antimicrobial properties that proactively kill viruses and/or bacteria throughout the day, depending on which product is purchased. They are applied to any surface within any workplace or leisure environment to protect customers, visitors and staff.

What colour is the SteriStik cover?

The covers’ standard colours are clear or white material with the SteriStik logo either in green (Antivirus) or blue (Antimicrobial). The covers are discreet and do not to interfere with the look of your business but are visible enough for people to see there are protective covers in place. We also offer bespoke branding options for those wishing to display their company logo.

Do you need to clean the SteriStik cover?

Yes. Although SteriStik’s compound stops bacteria being able to survive on the surface, this does not stop the need for regularly cleaning surfaces. Adding that extra layer of protection to your products acts as a complementary measure to routine cleaning.

Can I install the SteriStik covers myself?

Yes! Customers can easily install our covers and door pushes themselves; our website contains both installation instructions and installation videos.

Is SteriStik safe?

Yes, our product is 100% safe. SteriStick products have been tested by leading experts to ensure antimicrobial properties are 100% effective on our film covers. All active components used are FDA and EPA approved with no harmful additives, ensuring safety for the environment and personal health.

How long does SteriStik last?

We state our products last a minimum of 4 months, ensuring lasting protection on the surfaces you choose to cover. Some customers order enough for 2-3 applications as they see our solution as cost-effective enough to buy in bulk for the future.

Will SteriStik protect my customers?

SteriStik is designed to protect people in all workplaces and leisure environments; by installing SteriStik products you are greatly increasing your risk mitigation level. By proactively killing bacteria and/or viruses 24/7 our products greatly reduce the spread of germs. Studies have shown such products and technology lead to reduced staff sickness and, importantly, increased peace of mind.

What surfaces can I cover with SteriStik?

You can cover unlimited amount of surfaces with SteriStik but we highly advise starting with your work desks which carry, on average, 20,000 germs per square inch, as recently reported from the Independent. Other areas you may want to consider covering are: Break out areas (kitchen surfaces) Tea points Lift panels Door Handles Bathroom Doors Bannisters Operator Chair Arms Bar Tops...the list goes on!

How does it work?

SteriStik is embedded with silver ion technology which kills bacteria and/or viruses depending on whether you purchase SteriStik Antimicrobial or SteriStik Antivirus. The silver ions attack the bacteria DNA inhibiting it from reproducing, thus killing it. This specific silver ion technology has been used by our partner SteriTouch for nearly 20 years.

What is the purpose of making a surface antiviral?

SteriStik Antivirus’ silver ion additives kill Human Coronavirus NL63, other enveloped viruses, as well as bacteria which cause contamination and infection and prevents the spread of germs. The purpose of SteriStik’s products is not to create a sterile environment but a more hygienic solution around your workplace. We all know that being exposed to certain types of viruses and bacteria builds a healthy immune system, however, viral infections such as Coronavirus can be very serious and SteriStik film covers act as a complementary measure to routine cleaning.

Does SteriStik Antivirus kill Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is an enveloped virus, so called because of its fatty outer membrane or ‘envelope’ and SteriStik Antivirus is proven to kill Human Coronavirus NL63. Several of the active substances that SteriTouch use have been successfully tested against other enveloped viruses, such as Influenza, Avian flu and SARS. It would be reasonable to imply that those same active substances would be effective against COVID-19, but at this stage testing against COVID-19 is not available.

What is the difference between SteriStik Antimicrobial and Antivirus covers?

SteriStik Antimicrobial is our original cover which has been developed to kill bacteria including Salmonella, MRSA and E-Coli. SteriStik Antivirus underwent extensive testing and is now confirmed to kill viruses including Human Coronavirus NL63, as well as bacteria so adds further protection.

How much will I need to order?

SteriStik covers come in a range of widths and lengths so require you to measure your surfaces before placing an order. Any material which may be left over after installation will last up to 10 years on your shelf so you can re-use again.