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 Antivirus & Antimicrobial Surface Covers 

providing antimicrobial covers for healthcare professionals

SteriStik offers an antivirus and antimicrobial self-adhesive film which adhere to any surface around your medical practice to kill viruses and/or bacteria upon touch and control infection.  By eradicating viruses and bacteria on these surfaces, it prevents the spread of germs between your patients, staff and visitors.  Silver is well known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties, and is the active component in our film covers which have been used by our experts for over 18 years to provide antimicrobial products, using silver ion technology.


Doctors - SteriStik can be used around your surgery to add protection to your patients to prevent them spreading viruses, bacteria and germs between each other and your staff.  Our covers can reduce the staff sick days as well as give confidence to your patients when touching doors, chair arms and reception waiting areas.

Dentists - Creating a sterile environment has always been important for dentist surgeries but now more than ever.  Adding a layer of antivirus or antimicrobial film cover to your high touch surfaces will create a more hygienic surgery and allow dentists to focus on providing care to their patients teeth.

Hospitals - Whilst hospitals use antimicrobial silver additives in some of their equipment already such as operation theatre lighting, SteriStik allows a much broader range of surfaces which can be protected by multiple hands spreading bacteria on doors, patients beds, waiting areas and bathrooms.

Physiotherapists and other healthcare specialists - Treating patients is a hands on job to treat their specific needs and working closely with people throughout this pandemic creates unrest for some.  Applying SteriStik around your practice will give your clients added confidence that you are taking every measurement to provide a more hygienic environment, by eradicating viruses, bacteria and germs.

main Benefits
  • Kills Human Coronavirus NL63

  • Kills 99% of Bacteria (inc. MRSA & E.Coli)

  • Proactive 24/7 Cleaning Process

  • No Harmful Chemicals Used

  • Improves Hygiene

  • Independently Laboratory Tested

  • Easily Applies to High Touch Surfaces

  • Provides Confidence & Peace of Mind

  • Prevents Spread of Germs

  • Standard White or Clear Colour

  • Bespoke Colours & Branding Available

What surfaces to apply SteriStik to

Any high touch surface area will benefit from our antivirus and/or antimicrobial film covers to aid in the protection to your patients, visitors and staff. To help you in advance here are some areas for you to consider:

  • Waiting Areas

  • Chair Arms

  • Bedside Tables

  • Bed Rails

  • Stair Rails

  • Dining Tables

  • Push Doors / Door Handles

  • Bathrooms

  • Canteen Tables

  • Reception Desks

branding & bespoke options​

Our covers are made of a polypropylene material which come in white or clear material with the SteriStik logo applied throughout.

Our bespoke branding option gives you the opportunity to use your company logo on the film covers to enhance your brand around your business. This includes choice of colours, layout and design. Speak with our team today for more information.

How to install steristik

Due to their self-adhesive properties you can either self-install our products (our guidelines include written instructions, YouTube clips & video call support), or you can use our installation team who work flexibly around your business needs and can install 24/7.

Dentist Chairs

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