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Working with antimicrobial experts SteriTouch, ensures our product is made using leading silver ion technology which undergoes laboratory testing to make SteriStik a safe, reliable and effective solution for your workplace.

All of the active components used to create our antibacterial film covers are approved by the FDA through SteriTouch. The additives used are completely safe and the active components have been notified for inclusion on the Biocidal Products Regulation.



SteriType offer alternative antibacterial products which you can use within your workplace.  Our partnership means we can help companies together, in creating a safer working environment with our antibacterial products, which will eliminate microbes on your surfaces.

SteriType products aid in the protection of your office equipment with custom made moulded covers using the same antimicrobial technology as SteriStik.

Keyboard Covers and mouse covers

SteriType keyboard covers are a great solution for protection against spillages, spread of germs and build up of dirt.  Each keyboard cover is custom made with their vacuum technology which forms a mould for each individual keyboard.

The mouse is a great solution particularly for those working in hospitals, dental practices, GP surgeries and veterinary centres where hygiene is vital.

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Phone Sleeves

The recyclable phone covers are a simple yet effective solution to reduce the growth of harmful organisms and improve infection control in high risk so ideal for health workers.

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As a manufacturer we are open to working with suppliers to sell our products worldwide and would love to have a chat with you if you are interested in coming onboard. We work with companies who have the ability and suitable customer base to take SteriStik to the market. As such please go to our suppliers page​ for more information.