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 Antivirus & Antimicrobial Surface Covers 

providing retailers extra hygiene for staff and customers

SteriStik provides an antivirus and an antimicrobial self-adhesive film which adheres to any surface around your business to kill bacteria upon touch and control infection. By eradicating viruses and/or bacteria on these surfaces, it prevents the spread of germs between your customers and staff members. 

Recent events have created challenges to the retail sector in various forms. Operationally from store fronts to warehouses, to factories and the wider supply chains the number of high touch surfaces has meant hygiene is much more of a focus than possibly any other sector. The cost effective solution that SteriStik can bring to many areas of your business will bring benefits to employees and staff alike and will compliment all strategies you have already implemented.

Regarding the products themselves they all have silver ion technology that is proven to kill viruses and bacteria. Our independent laboratory test results prove it is an excellent preventative measure to stop germs spreading amongst your shoppers and staff throughout the day.

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Businesses like yours rely on regular trade and repeat customers; they like the way you run your business. Through no fault of your own it has become harder to attract them back. SteriStik will assist you here. Not only will the science reassure them you have a clean and safe environment but you will give them a peace of mind they require.

Give your customers something to talk about with our unique antimicrobial covers applied across your doors and checkout desks.

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The health & safety of your customers and employees is core to your businesses operations, whilst consistent procedures throughout your sites is essential but often costly. With recent events and government guidelines increasing the burden on the retail sector we are delighted to bring a cost-effective antimicrobial product to your attention. With a wide range of potential applications in your customer, warehouse and office spaces we would be delighted to discuss SteriStik options with you.

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It is perfectly normal for major retailers to introduce change and innovation to their sector; they blaze the trail and others follow. Whether it's new store designs with specialist architects and retail space planners, or collaborating with other retailers to offer 'in-house concessions' as traditional retail fights e-commerce, the best organisations are constantly looking for positive, new solutions. We would truly value the opportunity to collaborate with you and discover how SteriStik could best be rolled out in your sites to bring another layer of protection to your customers & staff.

where to apply steristik

Any high touch surface area in your stores will benefit from our antimicrobial film covers to aid in the protection to your customers and employees. Here are just a few places you can apply SteriStik:

  • Checkout Till (e.g cheque signing ledge)

  • Push Doors

  • Stair Rails

  • Lift Buttons

  • Storeroom Doors

  • Bathrooms

  • Trolley Handles

  • Basket Handles

  • Car Park Machines

  • Display Shelves

branding & bespoke options​

Our covers are made of a polypropylene material which come in white or clear material with the SteriStik logo applied throughout.

Our bespoke branding option gives you the opportunity to use your company logo on the film covers to enhance your brand around your business. This includes choice of colours, layout and design. Speak with our team today for more information.

How to install steristik

Due to their self-adhesive properties you can either self-install our products (our guidelines include written instructions, YouTube clips & video call support), or you can use our installation team who work flexibly around your business needs and can install 24/7.


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